Collection: "The Sunset" Collection

Although there is currently only one item in The Sunset clothing collection, it is another of Manila Bay Beach's original designs. The same as with The Renegade design, its vibe is as chill and retro as it is fresh and modern, evoking and recognizing the proud spirit of the Manila Baywalk from decades past, while also looking forward and celebrating Manila Bay's destined return to her former, majestic glory.

The colors of The Sunset design are both intentionally and proudly taken from first-hand imagery of the Manila Bay sunset over the duration of multiple evenings. Wearing of The Sunset design — in the same spirit as The Renegade design — will boldly state your support for the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Project, The Battle for Manila Bay

The future of Manila Bay is healthy living, warm sunshine, fresh air, clean water and an overabundance of fun! Proceeds from the purchase of "The Sunset" design contributes to that future via the upcoming, public relations campaign — with a bold, unabashed focus on Manila Bay — regarding proper waste disposal.